The Simple Making of

Stereoscopic Photography

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You need not buy an expensive equipment to take a stereo-photo. You'll make it by a very simple method. It's very easy.
In this page, I show you how to make a stereo-pair photography, and present some sample photos taken during my short trip in Japan.
Let's try it, and enjoy the fascinating stereo-photo world.

NEW: I love analog
DIY; easy viewer for realist-format photos
without film-cut, nor mount! It's possible? How?

DIY; hand-made viewmaster reel

using a couple of "single use camera"

Another method
using reversal film

Stereoscopic Rural Japan, it returns.

Another gallery
just started re-building, 2008.07.19.
will be added little by little


How fun, and how I enjoyed the stereo-photo.

Hidehisa KOHNO; Uwajima-shi, Ehime-ken, Japan
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