The Simple Making of
Stereoscopic Photography


A couple of "single use camera" and a craft tape, that's all.
Put the cameras tightly together with tape, as shown below.

Choose an object, and press two shutters

at the same time,

that's a knack!

If you press each shutter at a different moment, the moving objects are recognized as shifting forward or backward, but don't mind, it is the taste of hand-made.

The printed photos may be too big to see by a parallel view method. In that case, pile up a half of the print.


Push the image and get more big images placed to see by a cross view or a parallel view method.
All the sample photos were taken as described above.

Nigatsu-do, Nara

Big stone munument of ancient Asuka, Nara

Yahiko-station, Niigata

Kegon fall in winter, Nikko, Tochigi

Konpira shrine, Kagawa


Votive picture tablets of Konpira shrine, Kagawa

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